SiDirect Beads

SiDirect beads are superparamagnetic non-aggregate iron oxide microspheres made of highly cross-linked polystyrene with a specifically engineered coating. The beads are uniform and stable for capturing and purifying nucleic acids such as cell-free DNA. This design enables faster binding, with high sensitivity and selectivity, in both manual and automated research applications.


  • Superior performance – optimized and designed to match or outperform other competitors.
  • Superior capacity and yield – large surface area and high-binding capacity for low concentration target purification.
  • Superior purity – stable and smooth spherical surface provide clean purification from complex matrix.
  • Eco-friendly – no costly columns required and minimal use of plastics.
  • Compitable with automated platforms


  • Nucleic Acids Isolation

Product ID Product Name Pricing
Catalog # Product Name Unit Size Unit Price
S0402-005 SiDirect O Beads, 1 um 5 mL $149 Add to Cart
S0402-050 SiDirect O Beads, 1 um 50 mL $899 Add to Cart
S0402-500 SiDirect O Beads, 1 um 500 mL $4459 Add to Cart
  • Concentration: 40 mg/mL
  • Storage Buffer: DI water, 0.05% NaN3
  • Size: 800 nm-1000 nm
Product Name SiDirect Beads
Shipping Condition Ambient Temperature
Storage and Stability 2-8 °C
Safety and Data Sheets (SDS):
  • S0402_SDS.pdf
  • Other Documents:
  • SiDirect Beads.pdf
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